Programs for Children of Military Parents

  • Military families need to move frequently. Children are forced to change schools every few years. Military dependent students face additional disruptions to their lives when a parent is deployed away from home for long periods of time. These multiple disruptions to their education, adapting to new schools and new curriculum, and social disruptions can result in academic problems. We understand the challenges faced by military dependent children and we have reading program specially design to address those challenges.  
  • The United States Department of Education now requires that every school serving our 1.2 million military dependent students must track and report on thier academic progress because of their increased risks for academic problems. We understand the needs and can help schools address those needs.  


Programs for Remote Parents and Extended Families Who Are Deployed Away From Home   

  • We have programs that allow parents to work with their children on multiple subjects, even if when located thousands of miles away from home. 
  • We have both on-line systems for delpoyed military parents if Internet is available and off-line programs for situations where real-time connectionsare not available.  
  • Parents and students can read the same books together. Each book has story discussion questions that can also be used for remote parenting situations. For example, when the main character in a story is facing a personal challenge, the guided questions lists allow parents to ask the child questions about how they would handle the situation or solve that challenge faced by the story character.  
  • Parents can also record themselves reading books for their child. The audio/video can be uploaded and sent later when Internet is available. Personalized versions of the books with custom messages on the inside cover can be included and printed at home or at school for the child.  


Partnership Programs Serving Veterans and National Guard Members

  • We work with partner organizations that train veterans and National Guard members as reading tutoring/mentoring volunteers at elementary schools. In addition, we provide the remote tutoring technology and systems to extend these programs far beyond the previous limitiations of travel time and distance limits that had previously excluded many distant schools from these programs.  
  • We have partnerships with the leading researchers for veterans health. The current research studies have found that the veterans who volunteer experience both better physical health and reduced levels of PTSD than veterans in the control group.    




Military Families and Veterans

Helping our troops, their children, and veterans  

Helping our troops, their children, and veterans