Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • The most highly requested programs are elementary school reading. Schools are frequently looking for programs to enhance reading proficiency by focusing on the foundational skills.  

STEM, STEAM, and Computer Coding

  • Many of the beginning reading books focus on STEM, STEAM, and the foundational concepts necessary for computer coding.

Training for On-Site Local Volunteers and Remote On-line Volunteers 

  • Providing high quality differentiated instruction to meet the wide range of academic needs for every student in a classroom is challenging for a teacher. Trained school volunteers can help by providing individualized tutoring and support activities for each student.

Access to Free Remote Tutors from Corporate Volunteers, Retired Teachers, Pre-Service Teachers, etc.

  • Remote on-line classroom tutors/mentors can significantly increase the number of volunteers available.
  • Retired teachers can remotely volunteer from anywhere in the country.
  • Pre-service teachers (under the supervision of a college professor) can provide volunteer tutoring services to schools across the nation. They also bring the latest research based teaching strategies to schools and classrooms. This also provides a free recruiting strategy for schools with traditionaly hard to fill specialty positions.  
  • Corporate volunteer programs can provide tutors/mentors for students, espcially from STEM, finance, healthcare, and other high paying careers options for students. 
  • Corporate volunteer programs can provide both volunteers and funding for schools and classrooms. 



School Programs

Our goal is to make your job easier.

Our goal is to make your job easier.