Cute Stuffed Animals That Read Books and Teach Several Other Academic Subjects

  • When we first introduced students to Smart Dog and his other stuffed animal friends, reading became a favorite activity for the students. The students would simply show Smart Dog a book and he would instantly start reading the book or teaching the lesson for that subject. Our biggest problem was the students did not want to leave school at the end of the day. We quickly created smaller versions of the technology that could be used at home by the students.  
  • We also implemented several phone based educational systems. Students could call the educational system from home. The system would teach a lesson and then use interactive voice technology to ask the students questions. If the student answered correctly, the system would advance to the next lesson. When students answered incorrectly, the system would re-teach the lesson using a different strategy or instructional method. The students also loved the Mickey Mouse phones placed in their classrooms. 
  • We also found that these automated stuffed animal and phone based edcuational technology systems were extremely effective for teaching early grade level writing. The teacher classroom teacher would teach the foundational writing skills and then the stuffed animals or child friendly phones would handle the practice sessions with the students.  


Remote Educational Volunteers     

  • Although automated technology can be extremely helpful for schools and classrooms, we also believe that the social and emotional skills necessary for academic success and life success can only be obtained by students working with teachers, paraprofessionals, and school volunteers. The problem is that most schools lack the funding for additional teachers and paraprofessionals in the classrooms. Also, distance and travel time limits the number of volunteers available for many schools. We have systems that can easily connect highly trained remote educational volunteers with classrooms. The remote volunteer and the student simply click on the same link on their computers. They instantly see the same book or educational materials. They communicate through their computer's microphone and speakers. All sessions are automatically recorded for quality control and for review by authorized school administrators, principals, reading specialists, teachers, etc. The tutors also have on-line lesson logs to track session activities and access any customized lesson requests from the classroom teacher.  


STEM, Computer Coding, and Other Options 

  • One of the most common new requests for remote volunteers is STEM. We have access to a wide range of STEM books and educational materials that have been adapted for remote tutoring sessions.    





Educational Technology for Schools and Classrooms 

Educational Technology for Schools and Classrooms